RxVerify© Basic Features

  • Safety in restocking process by using medication barcode to verify correct drug, pocket, & quantity with every restock
  • No need to label products.  RxVerify© uses manufacturer's barcode.  No expensive RFID tags or bulky machines necessary
  • RxVerify© will confirm restocking for the correct medication, quantity, and pocket.  (RFID machines cannot verify that correct pocket was restocked)
  • Tracking of medication expiration dates & automatic alerts when medications are near expiration
  • Color coded screens & audible sound responses to barcode scan results
  • Saves pharmacy employee time during restocking process
  • Provides workload comparison & quality assurance reports
  • Electronically track where all kits, trays, & boxes are stored within facility
  • Available both as a web application and Windows© App
  • LOW COST & budget friendly software service!
Scan pocket to restock, then medication, if match then proceed to enter expiration date (and optionally lot information):

If medication is not an equivalent match, then user cannot proceed until an equivalent medication is scanned: