RxInspection© Basic Features:

Web-based service allows pharmacy leadership to easily plan, schedule, and monitor monthly inspections of all areas where medications are used, stored, or administered

Alerts and email reminders as inspections approach due dates

Automatically email unit manager inspection compliance report

Pharmacist can request unit manager to provide action plans in response to non-compliance

Ability to document photographs of inspection findings (optional feature)

Numerous quality assurance & compliance reports

Customizable for each inspection area

Easy & fast setup!  Already using a competitor?  Just provide your data & our team will perform the conversion saving you both time & money

Free bonus tool for tracking compounding waste / expired meds.  Many reports provided to monitor, study, and to help prevent waste. 

LOW COST & budget friendly service!

Pharmacy Logo on top left of every page.
Color Coded Responses: Non-compliant in red, Compliant in green.
Questions can optionally require a date or comments
Can optionally use camera enabled device (phone / tablet / iPad) to attach pictures to inspection
Sample Inspection Report: